Today I went to see Zach.
I met him a couple of months ago at the December 98 babies meeting.
Zach and Eion

We went to the Baltimore Aquarium. There we saw a dolphin show.
That was my favorite part.
Dolfins at the Baltimore Aquarium

A few weeks later we had another December 98 babies get together.
Here I am with Robert and Paul (who is an older brother)
and Zach is hiding behind me.
Paul, Eion, Zach, and Robert

This time we were in Alexandria VA. Here is Robert, Trent, Zach, and Paul.
Robert, Trent, Zach, and Paul

There were lots of pretty flowers all around.
Eion with the flowers

Oh, the mommies were there also. Someone had to drive and pay for lunch. Beth, Mommy, And Carla

And here's our little group. Robert, Zach, Trent, and me.